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Leo Hahn with Miss Baker and Miss K.

RPPC. Private Collection.

Leo Hahn with Miss Baker and Miss K. RPPC. Private Collection.

Leo with two lady friends IDed on the back. This photo was taken on the 9th or March 1910.

The dark dresses busily contrast so well with the young man’s sober suit. Miss Baker’s wearing a beautifully embroidered dress with a matching filigree necklace, and Miss K is wearing a square flap collar dress that seems to be sheer by the neck. Oh, and the big frou-frou hats with the fluffy feathers, a proper lady’s outfit isn’t complete without one of those!

I wonder if these women were dressed in mourning.

Leonard Hahn was from Montgomery, Kansas and was 25 years old when this photo was taken.

Back of RPPC after the cut.

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When life is a beautiful day

1/6th plate. Private Collection.

Circa 1890s-1900. 1/6th plate. Private Collection.

These romantic four got their picture taken on rocks in the outdoors. There’s such a positive, happy vibe to them. Though they are in nature it looks like they may have been at a city park, or at least near civilisation. They’re dressed city-like with bowties for the gents and white dresses for the ladies. My guess is they attended a happy semi-formal occasion and a photographer was hired to take pictures of the attendees.

I like seeing pictures of gents with their hat tilted far back. The one with the bowler looks like he’s cracking up about something. I love it when everyone smiles on tintypes. The ladies are gorgeous too. The guys are probably feeling lucky!

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