When life is a beautiful day

1/6th plate. Private Collection.

Circa 1890s-1900. 1/6th plate. Private Collection.

These romantic four got their picture taken on rocks in the outdoors. There’s such a positive, happy vibe to them. Though they are in nature it looks like they may have been at a city park, or at least near civilisation. They’re dressed city-like with bowties for the gents and white dresses for the ladies. My guess is they attended a happy semi-formal occasion and a photographer was hired to take pictures of the attendees.

I like seeing pictures of gents with their hat tilted far back. The one with the bowler looks like he’s cracking up about something. I love it when everyone smiles on tintypes. The ladies are gorgeous too. The guys are probably feeling lucky!

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

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