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A beautiful black couple from Ohio

African American couple. RPPC. Private Collection.

Circa 1915-1925 African American couple. RPPC. Private Collection.

This photo was taken in Cincinnati, Ohio around 1915-1925. The couple is nicely dressed, and the man is displaying a couple of pens in his breast pocket -ie- he was educated and wished to show it. He also has a nice cap on his knee -wish he’d put it on!
His wife is dressed in a white lace dress, resting her hand on his shoulder. A beautiful, airy photograph.

Pictures of African Americans of the days are rare, and even rarer are couples -from what I’ve seen (or rather NOT seen). I was happy to find this one at a reasonable price. This couple may have been of mixed origins too.

Photographer: Shea. 511 Walnut St. Cin. O.

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