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This cap has a few stories to tell


Sailor close-up portrait snapshot. 1940’s. Private collection.

Another photogenic sailor, with the handy comb in the breast pocket -you know he had just used for this shot- and a cap atop his blonde head that has definitely seen better days!

Although it may seem that way, I don’t specifically look to collect sailors. But this is a nice close-up, ladies and gentlemen.

Far from Home


2.5″ x 4″ snapshot of sailor in profile. 1940’s. Private Collection.

A small candid photograph of an American sailor in profile, with local children in the background. Chances are this was taken in the North African region between 1940 and 1943, Libya maybe…

So the photographer asked him to pose for the picture, and his reply was to lean toward the camera and present his profile with the hand of a thinking man. It worked out perfectly! While I find the subject beautiful, the composition is as well. It feels professional even if an amateur took it.

This 1940’s U.S. Army Technician


1940’s U.S. army technician. Snapshot. Private Collection.

This American soldier posed all smile by a hill, some time in the 40’s but before 1948. During WW2 or after is unknown. Nothing written on the back either, but with the landscape and the sun on his back I think this candid came out pretty good!


If you keep on making me laugh, I AM going to fall!

1920s-1930s snapshot. Private Collection.

1920s-1930s snapshot. Private Collection.

A slice of life on a picture! This laughing man is all well dressed in a three-piece with a boutonniere. Perhaps he was at a wedding and this low river bed nearby got more and more tempting as the hot day rolled by. Those stream and river beds are slippery too. With a hand in pocket and the other holding shoes, he left no room for a wrong step..!

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The boy violinist in pajamas

Velox Snapshot. Private Collection.

Velox Snapshot. Private Collection.

A candid of a curly haired boy violinist in pajamas sitting in contre-jour by a tall and narrow window.

There’s some light reflection to the bottom, some fog and a ghost-like anomaly…maybe cigarette smoke…maybe not.

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