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This cap has a few stories to tell


Sailor close-up portrait snapshot. 1940’s. Private collection.

Another photogenic sailor, with the handy comb in the breast pocket -you know he had just used for this shot- and a cap atop his blonde head that has definitely seen better days!

Although it may seem that way, I don’t specifically look to collect sailors. But this is a nice close-up, ladies and gentlemen.

His Burden to Carry


RPPC. Private Collection.

A third close-up portrait from the 1910s, but unlike the cheery duo of earlier this poor young man is far from happy.

He looks like he struggled with trauma and/or alcoholism. Had he seen things he’d rather forget but cannot?

Although he couldn’t be older than in his mid-twenties, he has pronounced dark circles under his eyes, no doubt from lack of sleep.

His distress transcends time, and this portrait begs to tell us a story. But what was it?

To note: his pinned tie over the butterfly collar drapes wonderfully.

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