Up Close II

Up close in checkered cap. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Up close in checkered cap. Snapshot. Private Collection.

I just received this one in the mail. He looks like he’s got a trick or two up his sleeve! When I first saw it I was happy to have another amateur close-up from the late 10s or 20s. It must have been his favorite cap to wear too. It looks like it was due for a wash!

And then I realized it came from the same seller I got another up close portrait from last June, but only recently posted (seen below). The format is similar although the first had its edges trimmed. One difference is that it’s much more sepia toned than the second one. Now, how did that happen? They both do have album glue residue on the back.

But they are positioned to the left, and at the same distance to the ‘shoreline’, the sun hitting them from high above. I think these two were playing with the same camera! Here’s them side by side:



The more I look at them the more I see some facial features they seem to share…Were they related? Well, this fine duo wished to record themselves up close on a beautiful day, and aren’t we glad they did! Their personalities shine through.

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