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A Fine Golf Day

Snapshot. Private Collection.

1920s golfer ready for a fun day. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Nice day for a round of golf! This gentleman’s got everything: the clubs, the foldable Kodak camera, and what I assume are the plus-fours for the sport folded under his arm.

I was given this snapshot as a gift. How nice!

The late 1940s smiling photographer in fedora

Snapshot. Private Collection.

2″ 1/2 x 3″ 1/5 snapshot of 1940s man in fedora with camera. Private Collection.

Fedora, check, smile, check, camera, check. A nice candid taken at a low angle in the sun. I think this was taken in the late 40s or early 50s. The camera he’s holding looks like a variant of the Kodak Tourist I or II which first came out in the late 40s. I’m pretty sure this is a Kodak by the style of flap to the side. Agfas were similar but the flap opened from the bottom. Those would set you back about $750 in today’s money.

This man’s well dressed yet casual with the polo collar over the coat lapels.

Who needs a horse when you can ride an ostrich?

RPPC. Private Collection.

1900s Souvenir photo. RPPC. Private Collection.

A funny souvenir RPPC of a bespectacled man enjoying his ride atop an ostrich at the Cawston Ostrich Farm in California. The other’s reaching up to pet it. The man riding the bird is also carrying a 3a Kodak portable folding camera used to make RPPCs.

Photographer: M.A. Wesner Photo

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