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This one’s just for us

The drinking duo. RPPC. Private Collection.

This 1910s-1920s drinking duo. RPPC. Private Collection.

There is closeness between these two. The worker on the right still has the cap on his beer, and his expression…He looks tired or buzzed or both, but still he seems self aware and smiling in that ‘you know it’ sort of way.  The other one is in a suit, chugging the (whiskey?) bottle hard and holding a pipe with a free hand…There is a ‘devil may care’ attitude with this handsome duo, a subtle vibe of rebelliousness!

I also love the way the gent on the right is wearing his checkered cap sideways on his head, very street mutt. ;) He must have been a factory or farm worker still wearing his denim shirt and pants after a long day of work.

The back of this RPPC is full of scribbled names, some paired up. I cannot make sense of it. Some names are repeated twice. An Agnes Worter is mentioned as well as a Ruffus Worter and a Winslow. On the actual picture I edited out a B on top of each sitter’s head – brothers? They most definitely were, in blood or not!


RPPC: NOKO 1907-1920s

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