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That nagging woman again!

1880s tintype. Private Collection.

“I’m just going to pretend she’s not here.” 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

In fact, posing like this I’m sure these two had the best of relationships. They weren’t going to pose like all the others; too boring! I think this is a small horse whip she’s teasingly tickling him with from behind the tree, or is it an arrow? But what is he reading, a love letter? For his own sake it better be hers!

How would you caption this one?

You’ll get yours, cheat!

Oh, the violence! You wonder if those two teens saw beer bottle fights with their own eyes to stage this one (the answer is probably yes). I love the details like the cards tucked into the trousers’ cuffs on the second one, and the sign on the first. The teen on the left is giving the camera a knowing look as if saying “he thinks I didn’t see him…” He is casually dressed with his white tie over a long-sleeved polo, and he’s wearing white laced sneakers high school basketball players wore too.

RPPC: NOKO 1907-1920s

A straight drink, a straight razor and a bit of dark humor

“Careful there, pal!”

This time I’ll have the RPPC after the cut.
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Boys with guns will be boys with guns

Candid circa 1920. Private Collection.

Candid circa 1920. Private Collection.

Teen boys posing as robbers over the wall with real guns. The element of surprise is in their favor!

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