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De’Ath & Condon vignette portrait


Alaric Hawkins De’Ath operated a studio portrait at 32 Bank Street, Ashford (England), and from 1913 on partnered with Arthur James Condon. He passed in 1931. They may have taken this small vignette portrait during the Great War or after, and the sitter isn’t too shabby, is he? There is no name to aid IDing this fine English gent. We only hope he came out of those troubled years relatively unscathed.


The bowler hatted benefactor

RPPC vignette. Private Collection.

RPPC vignette. Private Collection.

This is one of the first RPPCs I got. I had to have at least one vignette portrait of a gent in a bowler. This one wrote to a lady named Roxie. He made good on a promise and gave her something -with the postcard picture of himself- that would help her father ‘next spring when he plants corn’. What it was is lost to time, but this seems like it was a thoughtful message and nice gesture. And maybe getting into the good graces of the father does help. :)




Pretty Eyes Arthur Monk

Arthur Monk. RPPC. Private Collection.

Arthur Monk. RPPC. Private Collection.

Arthur’s eyes come through even in sepia. Beautiful!

This gentleman is IDed on the back of this real photo postcard, unfortunately there are too many Arthur Monks born in his time period to find out who he was. Too bad.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

1910s portrait

Late 1910s portrait. RPPC. Private Collection.

Late 1910s portrait. RPPC. Private Collection.

Young gentleman in dress shirt, most likely from the late 1910s. He looks a bit jaded.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

1890s proud young man with a wide open wingtip collar

Cabinet card of young man. Private Collection.

Cabinet card of young man. Private Collection.

This fellow with the proud expression and very dark eyes is wearing a wide open version of the wingtip collar with a thin bowtie. Amazing how many variations of collars and bowties/cravats and ties existed…Men’s fashion was all about the accessories. This is a nice card in great condition, and with uncommon grooves on the edges.

Cabinet card.

1890s Cabinet card.

Photographer: E. Ostrander. Spring Green. Wisconsin. Blank back.

Creative Commons License
Digital restoration work titled 1890s Proud Young Man With A Wide Open Wingtip Collar by Caroline C. Ryan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Mr. Dreamy Eyes with the bowtie

Cabinet card. Private Collection.

1890s-1900s Cabinet card. Private Collection.

The photographer set the camera at a low angle which is highly unusual, but it paid off and the portrait is gorgeous. This gentleman has very beautiful eyes drawing the viewer in. Loving the fat bowtie too.

Alas, no name or photographer logo…This one came from a dealer based in East Sussex, England. This fine sitter was most certainly British.

Plain dark green card with gold bevelled edges.

Plain dark green card with gold bevelled edges and plain back.

Creative Commons License

A broody Edwardian

RPPC. Private Collection.

Detail of vignette RPPC. Private Collection.

In an effort to look serious this pretty one in a nailhead patterned suit came out a bit broody under the tilted hat! Still a cutie!

This RPPC vignette is on the left half of the card, leaving enough space for messages to the right.

RPPC: PMO. Photo taken between 1907-1915

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