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A booming town’s young man


1880s-90s cabinet card. B.F.Kaler. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Private Collection.

This Victorian man’s collar resembles a bishop neckband, but here the collar and sturdy chest piece look to be an all-in-one.

When this unidentified sitter had his picture taken, Pelican Rapids had only been recently renamed Rhinelander after Frederic W. Rhinelander of New York, who was president of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Road at the time. Rhinelander’s Wisconsin and Pelican rivers were ideal to transport lumber, as such the town became the newest timber mill of the northern part of the state. In 1882 the main railroad through town was completed, and in 1890 its population grew to about 3,000. Within the next decade Rhinelander boomed to almost double its size. Had this young man come to town in search of opportunities?

Photographer: B.F.Kaler. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Mr. Kaler was the successor of Carl Krueger of The Krueger Studio.

1910s Harry and cousin Envin Moderhack of Merrill, Wisconsin

Harry was born November 17, 1886 and lived a long life till August 6, 1977. His mother was Dora Moderhack (1856-1894). Harry was 8 years old when his mother passed. I couldn’t find info on his cousin of the same last name.

There are very, very few Moderhacks in the US so if you live here, searched your name and found these pictures, they are most likely of your ancestors.

Though Moderhack is German of origin, Harry has interesting and beautiful eyes, and his smile is charmingly crooked. Was he of mixed race with some asian or native American up the line somewhere? Maybe. These pictures were most likely taken in the 1910s.

Note these two were early adopters of the all-in-one shirt +collar. Those became common in the twenties while starched detachable collars were still in fashion.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

1890s proud young man with a wide open wingtip collar

Cabinet card of young man. Private Collection.

Cabinet card of young man. Private Collection.

This fellow with the proud expression and very dark eyes is wearing a wide open version of the wingtip collar with a thin bowtie. Amazing how many variations of collars and bowties/cravats and ties existed…Men’s fashion was all about the accessories. This is a nice card in great condition, and with uncommon grooves on the edges.

Cabinet card.

1890s Cabinet card.

Photographer: E. Ostrander. Spring Green. Wisconsin. Blank back.

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Winnie and Harry: two peas in a pod

A very happy couple. RPPC. Private Collection.

A very happy couple. RPPC. Private Collection.

There must be some truth to the belief that happy couples start to look alike. This is Harry and Winnie Bowman, and don’t they look happy or what? They have this glimmer in their eyes. Two peas in a pod these two. Unless they were brother and sister, but I don’t see siblings posing this way.

The note on the back is sweet too. “To our loving little girl, from Winnie and Harry Bowman.” Addressed to Miss Eva Sloggy. Ontario. Wis.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

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