A booming town’s young man


1880s-90s cabinet card. B.F.Kaler. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Private Collection.

This Victorian man’s collar resembles a bishop neckband, but here the collar and sturdy chest piece look to be an all-in-one.

When this unidentified sitter had his picture taken, Pelican Rapids had only been recently renamed Rhinelander after Frederic W. Rhinelander of New York, who was president of the Milwaukee, Lake Shore & Western Road at the time. Rhinelander’s Wisconsin and Pelican rivers were ideal to transport lumber, as such the town became the newest timber mill of the northern part of the state. In 1882 the main railroad through town was completed, and in 1890 its population grew to about 3,000. Within the next decade Rhinelander boomed to almost double its size. Had this young man come to town in search of opportunities?

Photographer: B.F.Kaler. Rhinelander, Wisconsin. Mr. Kaler was the successor of Carl Krueger of The Krueger Studio.

4 responses to “A booming town’s young man

  • Photobooth Journal

    He has an almost Regal face. I would love to see him smiling. I would say with have beaming smile he would be totally gorgeous!

    I have not read your about me page, that is if you have one. I cannot see those from the WordPress app. Or maybe I just haven’t worked out how to yet. I’m just wondering if you blog anonymously? It just seems like about time we were able to address each other by name. I am Kate.


    • bowlersandhighcollars

      You do everything through the app? I am using the one for Android, just got it with my new phone a couple of days ago (and I just realize I can’t like comments :( ). I hate the apps so much! I was using the one for the iPhone and found it lacking. This one is being a bit wonky as well!

      I do have an about me page at the top of my blog, so no I’m not blogging anonymously. My name’s Caroline ☺.

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      • Photobooth Journal

        Pleased to meet you! The only thing I don’t do on my iPad is publish the posts. I do most of the writing on the iPad and then email it to myself. I then that and the photos on a desk top computer and publish from there. I tried publishing directly from the iPad but there were so many bugs, I felt it was just easier to sit at a desk for 10 minutes to get it done properly.


      • bowlersandhighcollars

        That’s what I do too. The old trusty desktop is my savior. I’d be a ball of nerves if I didn’t have the option . Those apps make my blood boil sometimes lol

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