1910s Harry and cousin Envin Moderhack of Merrill, Wisconsin

Harry was born November 17, 1886 and lived a long life till August 6, 1977. His mother was Dora Moderhack (1856-1894). Harry was 8 years old when his mother passed. I couldn’t find info on his cousin of the same last name.

There are very, very few Moderhacks in the US so if you live here, searched your name and found these pictures, they are most likely of your ancestors.

Though Moderhack is German of origin, Harry has interesting and beautiful eyes, and his smile is charmingly crooked. Was he of mixed race with some asian or native American up the line somewhere? Maybe. These pictures were most likely taken in the 1910s.

Note these two were early adopters of the all-in-one shirt +collar. Those became common in the twenties while starched detachable collars were still in fashion.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

3 responses to “1910s Harry and cousin Envin Moderhack of Merrill, Wisconsin

  • Grant Kozera

    I met Harry as a child circa 1970. He lived in a one room very rough log cabin. Probably built himself He had a tv, but I don’t think there was running water. He was a lumberjack in the area during logging days. I am happy to find his name somewhere. I never forget that old man, he lived a rough and tumble life as far as I was told by Roy and Gerry Grober, former owners of Trails End Lodge on Palmer Lake.

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    • bowlersandhighcollars

      That’s amazing! Thank you for sharing your encounter with him.


    • Donna McClelland

      I live off of Palmer Lake Road. I have been researching the history of the area and came across Harry’s name. I heard he was put in an orphanage and ran away from it at age 14. He was a strong boss for a lumber company. I heard he wanted to start his own resort but I don’t know if he ever did. Any further information you have would be great to hear.

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