1907 photography trick

Photography trick. RPPC. Private Collection.

I think the shadow on the wall is due to the double exposure. I’m leaning toward it being a photography trick and not twins dressed exactly alike. Opinions welcome.

The back note says “All aboard for New York…”

This RPPC was posted on May 29, 1907 from Pennsylvania.

RPPC: AZO diamonds 1907-1909

4 responses to “1907 photography trick

  • summertime75

    I’m not sure about it being a “trick” because if it were a double exposure you would see a “ghost” image of the background through the sitters and the background doesn’t look as if it has been exposed twice although that could have been reduced through careful developing the print. We used to take prints out of the developing tray and blow and gently rub areas that were slightly under exposed to even out the picture.

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  • Linda

    Cool photo! I think it’s a trick photo too, the hat, suit, and the hair is exactly the same :-). A great job from the photographer, and this without Photoshop :-D!

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