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1907 photography trick

Photography trick. RPPC. Private Collection.

I think the shadow on the wall is due to the double exposure. I’m leaning toward it being a photography trick and not twins dressed exactly alike. Opinions welcome.

The back note says “All aboard for New York…”

This RPPC was posted on May 29, 1907 from Pennsylvania.

RPPC: AZO diamonds 1907-1909

President Theodore Roosevelt and his sons

RPPC. Private Collection.

Roosevelt and sons. 1907. RPPC. Private Collection.

The 26th President posing with his four sons.

Clockwise: Kermit (b.1889), Theodore Jr (b.1887), Quentin (b.1897) and Archibald (b.1894). They had a half-sister, Alice, born in 1884 of Theodore’s first marriage.

RPPC: Pach Bros, N.Y. for The Rotograph Company.


An update on those four Americans in Russia.

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