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1907 photography trick

Photography trick. RPPC. Private Collection.

I think the shadow on the wall is due to the double exposure. I’m leaning toward it being a photography trick and not twins dressed exactly alike. Opinions welcome.

The back note says “All aboard for New York…”

This RPPC was posted on May 29, 1907 from Pennsylvania.

RPPC: AZO diamonds 1907-1909

Who cares about the picture? My hand’s terrible!

Card game. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Card game. Snapshot. Private Collection.

The gent on the left looks like he’s much too focused on his hand to pay attention to what’s going on. The group picture? What? I’m about to lose my shirt! Either that or it was so good he wasn’t going to ruin the mojo. ;)

The one in the middle looks charismatic. There’s always one.

This is about RPPC size but the paper’s flimsier. There’s some glue residue from being in an album.

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