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Oh, what have I got myself into?

Father and two babies. 1910s. RPPC. Private Collection.

George Trimbathe and his two babies. 1910s. RPPC. Private Collection.

Well, that escalated quickly. :) It was all fun and games until…I’m being cheeky but George looks a bit worn out!

This young father was obviously proud to pose with his two back-to-back bundles of joy. They’re so cute too. The boy’s sporting a mohawk. As long as mommy is around all is manageable.

IDed: George Trimbathe. Masury Station. Pennsylvania. Addressed to Miss Alice Smith.

RPPC: blank back

1907 photography trick

Photography trick. RPPC. Private Collection.

I think the shadow on the wall is due to the double exposure. I’m leaning toward it being a photography trick and not twins dressed exactly alike. Opinions welcome.

The back note says “All aboard for New York…”

This RPPC was posted on May 29, 1907 from Pennsylvania.

RPPC: AZO diamonds 1907-1909

Mr. Timeless Elegance

Cabinet card portrait. Private Collection.

Kough & Leeper cabinet card portrait. Private Collection.

This very handsome gentleman from the 1880s is very smartly dressed. The striped tie is rather nice too.

No need to edit the contrast or erase scratches on this one. Like the timeless elegance of the sitter, this picture stood the test of time. The scalloped edges are golden too, truly a beautiful card which was kept in an album.


Photographer: Kough & Leeper. Fayette St. Uniontown, Pennsylvania.

The French Larcenist

Mugshot. Private Collection.

1927 Mugshot. Private Collection.

This Frenchman got caught for ‘larceny by truck’ in Scranton, Pennsylvania. He was a salesman who -if I understand this right- tried to flee by truck without giving back the change on a transaction? If so I hope it was an amount significant enough to risk the trouble of getting caught. And they took his mugshot with his hat still on!

Back of mugshot

Back of mugshot

Name: Thomas E. Marsh

Crime: Larceny by truck (short change)

Age: 28 Height: 5 ft. 6 3/4 in. Weight: 133 lbs

Hair: Light Brown Eyes: Light Blue Build: Slender

Complexion: Light. Mustache: — (don’t you love it that ‘mustache’ is an actual option?)

Born: France Nationality: French Occupation: Salesman

Arrested: 1-13-27 Officer: […] Davis

A 1910 note of reassurance

Ed. Personal Collection

Ed. Private Collection

Ed wrote a note on the back of this RPPC.
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