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Oh, what have I got myself into?

Father and two babies. 1910s. RPPC. Private Collection.

George Trimbathe and his two babies. 1910s. RPPC. Private Collection.

Well, that escalated quickly. :) It was all fun and games until…I’m being cheeky but George looks a bit worn out!

This young father was obviously proud to pose with his two back-to-back bundles of joy. They’re so cute too. The boy’s sporting a mohawk. As long as mommy is around all is manageable.

IDed: George Trimbathe. Masury Station. Pennsylvania. Addressed to Miss Alice Smith.

RPPC: blank back

Father and daughter

1/6th tintype. Private Collection.

1/6th tintype. Private Collection.

What a sweet portrait! The baby daughter looks so much like her father; they have the same look in their eyes. She’s leaning into him too, safe in his arms. A beautiful picture that speaks of their special bond.

The city father and his two dapper sons

1880s tintype. Private Collection.

1880s tintype. Private Collection.

This one made me laugh some. The father in top hat looks quite stiff looking straight to the side, while his two sons didn’t miss the camera, each posing with confidence.

The one in the middle who appears to be the oldest of the two looks casual of demeanor, relaxed even with a smirk on his face. The youngest -I wouldn’t put past 16- is taking this occasion seriously, strutting his stuff in fine evening wear with the nice white tie. What a dandy!

The dad’s gloves are so tight fitting they look painted on.

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