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Modeling for the camera

The model pose. RPPC. Private Collection.

The model pose. RPPC. Private Collection.

This RPPC has some silvering to it, but this dandy’s pose and layered look with the dress shirt made it too good to pass.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

Victorian gentleman Walton Stauf of Baltimore

1880s Walton Stauf. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

1880s-1890s Walton Stauf. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

back of card signature.

back of card signature.

Mr. Cool is posing in a fine long tail coat with matching waistcoat, and with his hands in pockets. He doubled up his fob chain, made a hole into the waistcoat pocket, passed it through and extended it all the way to his pants’ pocket -that’s one very long chain. I can see this gent thinking up something like this after losing an expensive pocket watch and then wanting the replacement to be more secure.

Well, we know he was right-handed. :)

And from the suit with the creased pants that he wasn’t hard up for money, but I couldn’t find anything about him. Pity!

There were/are very few Staufs in the U.S. A Henrietta Stauf emigrated from Germany to Maryland passing through Canada in 1858. She likely was related to Walton.

Photographer: Jeffres & Rogers. 112 N. Charles St. Baltimore. Maryland. The back is blank.

The Brooklynite dandy

Enhanced RPPC. Private collection.

1900s-1910s RPPC. Private collection.

This sophisticated New Yorker posed all smile in a slim fitting coat with a black cane in hand, the other hand in the coat pocket. The striped shirt adds a bit of pattern to the overall crisp look. A very classy and artistic portrait. No busy backdrop. Just him and it works.

Photographer: Strauss Studio. Brooklyn. New York.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

Creative Commons License
Digital restoration work titled The Brooklynite Dandy by Caroline C. Ryan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

The city father and his two dapper sons

1880s tintype. Private Collection.

1880s tintype. Private Collection.

This one made me laugh some. The father in top hat looks quite stiff looking straight to the side, while his two sons didn’t miss the camera, each posing with confidence.

The one in the middle who appears to be the oldest of the two looks casual of demeanor, relaxed even with a smirk on his face. The youngest -I wouldn’t put past 16- is taking this occasion seriously, strutting his stuff in fine evening wear with the nice white tie. What a dandy!

The dad’s gloves are so tight fitting they look painted on.

The hatted dandy by a vine covered fence

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

This RPPC isn’t matte but is on glossy paper. I didn’t know glossy paper existed this early on. This handsome dandy is posing with his arms behind the back, somewhere between a smile and a frown. The vine behind him look like they’re in need of water.

RPPC: CYCO 1904-1920s

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