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Victorian gentleman Walton Stauf of Baltimore

1880s Walton Stauf. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

1880s-1890s Walton Stauf. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

back of card signature.

back of card signature.

Mr. Cool is posing in a fine long tail coat with matching waistcoat, and with his hands in pockets. He doubled up his fob chain, made a hole into the waistcoat pocket, passed it through and extended it all the way to his pants’ pocket -that’s one very long chain. I can see this gent thinking up something like this after losing an expensive pocket watch and then wanting the replacement to be more secure.

Well, we know he was right-handed. :)

And from the suit with the creased pants that he wasn’t hard up for money, but I couldn’t find anything about him. Pity!

There were/are very few Staufs in the U.S. A Henrietta Stauf emigrated from Germany to Maryland passing through Canada in 1858. She likely was related to Walton.

Photographer: Jeffres & Rogers. 112 N. Charles St. Baltimore. Maryland. The back is blank.

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