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The 1880s top hat trio

Trio in top hats. Tintype. Private Collection.

Trio in top hats. 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

This tintype is reddish tinted, and all three gents are wearing top hats. A fine trio, the dandy in the back posing with his hands on the shoulders of the two in the front, and with a leg tucked in between them.

The backdrop is worth noting. Nature themed it was tastefully done, conveying more the idea of trees than figuratively so.

Larger detail.

Larger detail.

The previous owner of this tintype shared with me that he had it in his collection since 1981. And on it passes through hands.

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The city father and his two dapper sons

1880s tintype. Private Collection.

1880s tintype. Private Collection.

This one made me laugh some. The father in top hat looks quite stiff looking straight to the side, while his two sons didn’t miss the camera, each posing with confidence.

The one in the middle who appears to be the oldest of the two looks casual of demeanor, relaxed even with a smirk on his face. The youngest -I wouldn’t put past 16- is taking this occasion seriously, strutting his stuff in fine evening wear with the nice white tie. What a dandy!

The dad’s gloves are so tight fitting they look painted on.

‘You try and come down Sat. night…come down…come down…please’

1920s postcard. Private Collection.

1920s ‘I Want You To Love Me’ postcard. Private Collection.

A sweet American postcard with an even sweeter, insistent missive written on the back.

The poor boy had it bad for ‘Mary Nelson’. The message was clear by his choice of postcard, and even clearer by the one-track message on the back. He lost his head and kept on repeating himself, wanting very much to see the object of his infatuation on Saturday or Sunday night.

Try to come down...try to come down...

Try to come down…try to come down…

I hope Miss Mary Nelson responded favorably! She probably shook her head at the spelling mistakes. :)

Prohibition? Say what again?

"Because I can." Private Collection.

“If my calculations are right, I shall be 100% drunk this fine evening.” 3″ x 3.5″ Private Collection.

I’m not exactly sure what this amused and dapper gent in evening wear is home distilling, but clear alcohol is never good! I think it was most likely moonshine. Drink up!

He’s hiding among them…

1/6th plate tintype. Personal Collection.

1890s 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

Guess who of the four caught my attention?

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