He’s hiding among them…

1/6th plate tintype. Personal Collection.

1890s 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

Guess who of the four caught my attention?

Yes, I got this one for the character to the rear left! He has a threatening look about him, don’t you think? While he most likely upturned his overcoat collar to protect his head from the elements, it makes him look like a classic victorian horror character. With his hands in his pockets and that look of murder in his eyes? Yes, sir, you look badass.

Click for larger detail

Click for larger detail

By contrast, his friend to the side has a one-sided smile. He has his overcoat collar upturned too but the effect isn’t quite the same, is it? The whole group is in evening wear with bow ties and wing tip collars, and long overcoats. The two in front are wearing gloves, and the ones of the front left sitter are huge! What the heck are those for? The other one’s own gloves look normal size and are tucked in his sleeves. They’re all wearing bowlers of different heights too.

It must have been a biting cold day out there (and Mr. Hyde was hanging out at the opera, ha ha!).


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