A 1910 note of reassurance

Ed. Personal Collection

Ed. Private Collection

Ed wrote a note on the back of this RPPC.


March 16/1910

Dear Darl! –

Love and regards to all. This is to allay any fears as to my going over the Divide.



It looks to me like Ed didn’t write for a while and wished to reassure everyone he was still alive. And this photo was pinned on someone’s wall. On the right side he wrote Miss Katherine O’Donovan. Coraopolis, Pensa.

Edward is wearing a wide brimmed campaign hat with Montana crease, and a round tip collar.

A little history about the campaign hat:

During the Spanish war and Philippine insurrection U.S soldiers manually added four creases in their hats to better protect their head from the elements. The U.S army officially adopted this type of hat in 1911. It was worn during WWI by enlisted and officers alike, and still is worn today by U.S drill sergeants and various state police forces.  This hat was also worn by boy scouts from the 1900s on.

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