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Confidently Yours


Circa 1870-80. CDV. Private Collection.

This unidentified young man posing in front of a plain backdrop comes off as comfortable in his skin. And the tilted hat adds flair to the otherwise nice but generic suit.

Alas the back is plain with no photographer info. I hope the kid did well for himself, he sure looks like he had the self assurance.

Cute young fellow

Young hatted man. Tintype. Private Collection.

Young hatted man. 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a lot of 12 1/6th plate tintypes I acquired for $20 shipping included. This made my day! This cute teen posing for his portrait was part of the lot. He’s not wearing a collar or coat, his shirt sleeves rolled up. He looks unfazed, a bit bored or maybe just a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. There’s no visible backdrop either.

Boston’s ‘one of the Alleys’

Cabinet card. Private Collection.

Hardy. Boston. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

A possible Victorian gang member? This hatted young man from the 1890s is described as “one of the Alleys” on the back of the card. It seems to me the writing was added later on, perhaps by someone who knew not who, but what the person was part of. Sounds like a gang name to me, and the fact this card was made in Boston adds to the possibility. Well, in any case this handsome gentleman in profile was dressed to impress, and that’s one stylish hat on his head.

“One of the Alleys”. Boston. Hardy back of cabinet card.

Photographer: Hardy. 493 Washington Street. Boston. MA.

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