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On the Omnibus of 1904 Paris

"This is getting to be a serious affair". 1904 postcard. Private Collection.

“This is probably going to get serious”. 1904 postcard. Private Collection.

I would call this series How to Discreetly Show Interest in a Gentleman on the Omnibus.

The cute series starts out quite innocently…and ends with the sure promise of a second meeting. I am missing #5 of the 6 postcards though. I wish I had it! But the story is quite simple, really, and the person who sent these postcards could not resist putting words into the gentleman’s head!

So I added what she’s thinking before the translated comments.

Both models were sitting on chairs, with the design of the omnibus line added later. The third has a misspelling too! But the line did exist, and if you’re curious to see what omnibus these two would have been on, here’s an image of the Madeleine-Bastille line omnibus of the era:


Source: famillefine.free.fr

A lovers’ quarrel

Lovers' Quarrel by Brassai. Paris 1932. Click for larger image.

Lovers’ Quarrel by Brassai. Paris 1932. Click for larger image.

If I had a spare million I’d get this original of Hungarian photographer Gyula Halász, better known as Brassai. The famous Parisian photographer enjoyed catching candids of random people he found at night. This one was taken at “Le Bal Des Quatres Saisons” on Rue de Lappe in Paris, circa 1932.

The young gentleman is none too happy with his wife sitting by his side. He’s got his hands in his pockets, surely of contained frustration. She turned away from him, as if to subtly tell him she’s not backing up or saying she’s sorry.  In the mirror is the reflection of one of their friends facing them.

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