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Max Kleiman of Germany

Max Kleiman (middle), and two friends. Personal Collection.

Max Kleiman (middle), and two friends. Private Collection.

whole card.

whole card.

A group of three friends re-enacting playing cards . Max Kleiman is the only sitter identified. The back of the cabinet card is blank. I like that his two friends are wearing light colored suits and he’s wearing a dark one. It may not have been intentional but it makes for a good composition. I tried to research him and there are a few Max Kleimans who fit his lifetime and emigrated to the US. Did he? Maybe.

Photographer: K. Timm. Nachf. Halle A/A. Schulberg 3. Germany.

A Group of Friends from Novia Scotia


A very interesting cabinet card of seven friends posing together. A good example of the men’s fashion of the 1880s.

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