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1930’s Mr. Beautiful in three-quarter

1930's photobooth. Private Collection.

1930’s photobooth of handsome young man. Private Collection.

In a white dress shirt, he’s posing in three-quarter. I love the simplicity of this shot with a plain background and a plain shirt too. The subject’s beauty is the star of this photobooth.

An early photo strip

Private Collection.

Private Collection.

A cute photo strip circa I’d say 1905-1910, of a curly haired gent having fun playing with the concept. The shots are oval which I find interesting. This one measures 1″ 1/4 by 4″.

An American photo strip

For this day a humorous horizontal photo strip I digitally cut up of an American posing with a phone and two flags. Serious, then not so serious, then serious again!

Photobooth in a white hat

Photobooth picture of man in white hat.

Photobooth picture of man in white hat. Private Collection.

A cute Photobooth snapshot of a bright eyed guy (with that twinkle again lol) leaning forward and smiling under his heavily tilted white hat. I think this picture was taken in the 40s or 50s just because of his open shirt.

Jack Kingston with the scarred cheek

Jack Kingston. Photobooth. Private Collection.

Jack Kingston. Photobooth. Private Collection.

This one must have hurt! But instead of taking away, a scar sometimes adds to the charm. Mr. Kingston has this twinkle in his eyes, and the looks of a crooner. Sing a song and watch them swoon!

Jack Kingston. Taken in Salina, Kansas. Jan. 11- 1939

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