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Harris Norris, the Thinker in Mary-Janes

Man in mary janes shoes. RPPC. Private Collection.

Edwardian man in Mary Jane shoes. RPPC. Private Collection.

Harris Norris. University of Virginia

I did a double take on this one. Look at this cheeky gentleman! While today these shoes are exclusively worn by women and girls, I read on (the always reliable *cough cough*) wiki some pre-WWI men wore them too, but apart from this photo I have yet to see evidence of this and I’ve seen many. I believe that if some did indeed wear them, the shoes were never popular with gentlemen. By the time this image was taken the name of Mary Jane was already in use. I think the university student was being humorous by wearing ladies shoes! He’s smiling in that “what do you think of this?” sort of way. This was taken in the mid 1910s, seeing the pants cuffs.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

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