An uncanny resemblance

Cabinet card. Private Collection.

Toasting in Frankfurt Germany. Cabinet Card. Private Collection.

A group of friends toasting, one of them a soldier. The one in the middle is definitely the brother of the one sitting to the left.

I have a lifelong friend with the German last name of Kurzendoerfer who looks like he could be a descendant of the chap to the left. I showed this picture to his brother and him and got his go-ahead to post this.

A side by side. Uncanny, hm? A hundred years later and the same exact look in their eyes (and the same love for beer lol).


Click for larger detail.

Click for larger detail.

Sometimes I think there are no coincidences in life.

Photographer: Friedr. Carbons. Frankfurt a/M. Blelchstrasse 2. Germany.


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