Cuffed and Affectionate



Unidentified man with leather cuff and Ed Huskell. RPPC. Private Collection.

Of course, what I noticed first is the greatly detailed leather cuff. Was it purely a fashion statement, or did it have a more practical use? The unidentified man with the cuff is posing with his left arm on Ed Huskell (or Hushell)’s shoulder. The pose is casually affectionate with Ed leaning into his friend.

Ed is IDed on the back as the husband of Stella, and father of  Beatrice (1912), Lonnie (1913), Flo Etta (1915), Phyllis (1917) and David McKeith (1924).

McKeith does seem like a strange choice for a middle name.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

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