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That nagging woman again!

1880s tintype. Private Collection.

“I’m just going to pretend she’s not here.” 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

In fact, posing like this I’m sure these two had the best of relationships. They weren’t going to pose like all the others; too boring! I think this is a small horse whip she’s teasingly tickling him with from behind the tree, or is it an arrow? But what is he reading, a love letter? For his own sake it better be hers!

How would you caption this one?


A flashy smile on a tintype

A particularly flashy smile on a tintype. Private Collection.

A particularly flashy smile on a tintype. Private Collection.

These two dapper gents in their 30s are posing in front of a cloudy and hilly backdrop all smile! The people with them must have said something really funny for them to look this entertained! This tintype seems late period, maybe around 1910. Their popularity dropped in the first decade of the 1900s, but they were still fairly common with travelling photographers until the 20s.

The glare is from a small bend in the middle reflecting the scanner light. Unfortunately many tintypes have such bends through decades of handling.

Student and Mentor

1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

Were they? The more mature gentleman has on his right hand (reversed) a round stone ring on display, and his striped pair of pants! They remind me of circus ringmasters. The photographer added gold tones to the younger gent’s triple chain.

They’re both resting their elbows on the small table between them; a pose at professional distance, and they do not look related to me. Business partners or student and mentor? We will never know for sure, but they looked respectable.

A working class young couple from the 1870s-1880s

1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

Working class couple. 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

He has long, slender and tanned hands, and these look like working ones too, almost as if they should belong to someone older than him. This could be my imagination but the top of his head looks lighter, as if he worked outdoors a lot but wore a large brim hat. The young woman by his side I can only assume is his wife is resting her hand on his arm, and her white (cotton?) top is interesting; simple but nice, wrapping down over her skirt. It was accessorised with a pearl necklace, leaf brooch and belt. All this makes me think this was taken in the summertime.

He’s wearing a type of necktie/scarf popular of the 1870s-80s.

All cozy and bundled up for winter

Bundled up on a tintype. Private Collection.

Bundled up on a tintype. Private Collection.

An affectionate trio posing all bundled up with their overcoats, a knitted fringed scarf and a blanket. Brr! The two in front with their pork pie hat on look like they may have been brothers, the older one with the mustache. I like that the third pal in cap is resting his hands on the other two’s shoulders. There’s a good vibe out of this photograph.

(That scarf reminds me of Hogwarts ha ha)

This tintype is a 6th plate yet is taller than average. It measures 2.5″ by 4″.

Cute young fellow

Young hatted man. Tintype. Private Collection.

Young hatted man. 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

A couple of weeks ago I stumbled upon a lot of 12 1/6th plate tintypes I acquired for $20 shipping included. This made my day! This cute teen posing for his portrait was part of the lot. He’s not wearing a collar or coat, his shirt sleeves rolled up. He looks unfazed, a bit bored or maybe just a bit uncomfortable in front of the camera. There’s no visible backdrop either.

Cross-legged on low chair

Cross legged on low chair. Tintype. Private Collection.

Cross legged on low chair. Tintype. Private Collection.

This young gent with a hint of a smile looks relaxed on this low chair. It makes him look tall. I’m not sure what the backdrop is supposed to represent, maybe a fireplace. The checkered flower design to the right is a mystery, a creative wall decoration most likely.

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