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The 1870s Bostonian boy with the terrific eyes

CDV. Private collection.

1870s CDV of boy with intense stare. Private collection.

Once in a while I come across a special portrait that makes me go “wow”, then “hm…this looks like an old soul”. This picture captured the boy with the intense stare of somebody much beyond his years.


The card has round corners not shown here.

He was well dressed too, with a white ribbon tied like a bowtie. By the lapels and style of card I estimate this was taken around 1870 or in the early years of the decade at most. The front bottom was clipped to fit in an album.

Photographer: Warren’s Portraits. 465 Washington St. Boston. Massachusetts.

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A Man of God

Cabinet card. Private Collection.

1890s cabinet card of priest. Private Collection.

A nice portrait of a priest from Manchester, New Hampshire. I’m tempted to say more but I’ll refrain. >:-)

The front is blank but the back is light pink with the busy but pretty photographer logo of the 1890s.


Photographer: S. Piper. 864 Elm St. Manchester. New Hampshire.

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