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Coming of Age

CDV. Private Collection.

CDV. Private Collection.

A CDV that looks like a mini cabinet card with the embossing on the front. This one is of an about 12 year old boy who graduated from knickerbockers to a grown up suit a bit too large for him (smart parents).

But the kid made sure he looked the part with a cigar, holding it like all the adults did on pictures.

They started young…

Photographer: J. Zimmermann. Eggenfelden. Germany.

The ‘Street Tough’ who made it big

1/9th plate tintype. Private Collection.

1/9th plate tintype. Private Collection.

This one made me laugh out loud. Can you picture this tough looking fella doing shady business at the local saloon, or fighting at illegal gambling halls? This solid looking gent looks like he knew where to get ale on a pretty regular basis too, and with the baggy-eyed side glance with cigar in mouth and bowler on top? Mr, you’re a character!

Yes, he looks like he had no trouble making his voice heard!

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