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The ‘Street Tough’ who made it big

1/9th plate tintype. Private Collection.

1/9th plate tintype. Private Collection.

This one made me laugh out loud. Can you picture this tough looking fella doing shady business at the local saloon, or fighting at illegal gambling halls? This solid looking gent looks like he knew where to get ale on a pretty regular basis too, and with the baggy-eyed side glance with cigar in mouth and bowler on top? Mr, you’re a character!

Yes, he looks like he had no trouble making his voice heard!

1922 Mr. Pappas from Lewiston, Maine.

RPPC. 1922 (digitally erased date at bottom). Private Collection.

RPPC. 1922 (digitally erased date at bottom). Private Collection.

Roaring Twenties gentleman. On this photo I like the trousers’ pocket flap peeking from below the waistcoat. This gentleman is rocking his suit and hat, isn’t he? I like the classic 20’s look very much…but if you’re a regular reader of my blog you already knew that.

And the man was a shoe craftsman. A coincidence after the cut.

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Teo the Thinker on a pier

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC circa 1910. Private Collection.

Teo at 21 years old. He looks like my little J.C. Leyendecker guy to the right.

Happy National Beer Day!

That's right!

That’s right! Click for larger image.

Today is the anniversary of the end of Prohibition (April 7 1933) 82 years ago! Now, that’s a sign I can get behind. Cheers!

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