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Showing off the monkey

Showing off the monkey. 1930s-40s snapshot. Private Collection.

Showing off the monkey. 1920s-30s snapshot. Private Collection. Click for larger image.

Was it Family Day on this USS? Here two sailors are happy to show off their pet monkey to a group of civilians, the one on the left distracting it while the one on the right is at a control board’s commands…but to what purpose? Also, I have trouble believing sailors were allowed to have a pet monkey, but it’s looking like that one got a free pass aboard!

The young girl to the right is tired, rubbing her eyes while the lady behind looks like she was in the middle of saying something, maybe about that monkey. The gentleman in suit and boater is the lone soul of the group who caught the photographer in time for the snapshot, and he isn’t shy to smile big.

I’m not familiar with the history of the U.S Navy ships, but going by the man’s suit and detachable collar, and the women’s big flowery hats I’m thinking this was taken in the late 10’s, 20’s, or at the very latest the early 30’s…and I’m only mentioning the 30’s because I have no idea what USS Navy ships looked like then, but to me those canons look like they were going to be used in WW2.

I love how busy this photograph is; everyone seems to have had a good time on board. And the curled tail of the monkey around the sailor’s neck.

Are these two related?

The wife, sailor brother and a far cousin?

Five boys, no girl

Five boys, no girl. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

Five boys, no girl. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

The mother looks like one tough woman. You’d have to be to raise this bunch! She looks proud and severe, holding a bible in her hands. Oh no, you did not dare disobey mother in this family.

I’m sure she would have liked to have a daughter too, but that wasn’t part of God’s plan now, was it?

The father looks mellow in comparison. I’m not sure what he’s holding in his hand. It looks like the back of a cabinet card.

The brothers don’t look far apart from each other. I like how the photographer arranged this family by height, taking the photo horizontally with a white backdrop and the parents in the middle.

Photographer: Clinkenbeard. Palace Photo Car. Blank back.

My grandfather Octave posing with his bicycle circa 1945

My grandfather. Family photo.

My grandfather. Family photo.

Once in a while I do love to post family photos. I think this one is precious, but then this is because my grandfather was the sweetest person and he loved me dearly. I miss him so very much. He was a soldier, a volunteer fireman, and an excellent craftsman. His hobby was making straw baskets and he made *many*. He taught me how too, when I was around 8!

He also had orchards and made his own cider. And drank much of it. lol

My uncle Patrick as a boy

My uncle Patrick.Family photo.

My uncle Patrick. Family photo.

What a cutie, huh? He was born in 54, so this was most likely taken in 1960 of whereabouts. On the cusp of my blog timeline, but I’ll make exceptions for family. Such a pretty photo! We all have that cheeky smile in the family. He doesn’t know I posted this picture of him on here…shhh…..lol.

Handsome Lucien

Family picture.

1940s Family picture.

This is in fact my cousin’s grandfather posing with his hands behind the back, Lucien Guillaume in a dapper suit. My cousin looks so much like him, and his name is Guillaume too.

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