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Peekaboo Bust

Peekaboo bust. RPPC. Private Collection.

Peekaboo bust. RPPC. Private Collection.

Oh, yes, I know…this RPPC is in terrible condition! Yet there’s more to it than what first appears! Of course we see the three posing buddies to the right, and then there’s this man in the store behind the front windowpane. Why is he posing from the inside? Was he curious and thought he wouldn’t appear on the picture?

And then, and then…wait! Isn’t this a white bust peeking on the side. It looks as if it slid from behind the corner to take a look at what’s going on. :)

"Yoohoo! I want in, I want in!"

“Yoohoo! I want in, I want in!”

And looking closely, there’s a fifth creepy looking guy in the shadow of the store entryway. And a third grinning face by the guy in the window -pareidolia or something else? ;)

On the back is written “Tripo-Center”.

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

Happy Halloween! 

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