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“Giv’all ya got to the kid!”

Larceny! PRRC. Private Collection.

Larceny! PRRC. Private Collection.

Larceny in progress on this RPPC! This staged stick up looks pretty good! Unlike most prank photos I came across no one here is giving the hint this is so. Nice job, fellas! Usually people smile and take on an exaggerated pose with hands raised, and the guns are held with bent arms. Here the robbers are aiming their rifle and gun the right way.

Everybody looks to be in front of a horse stable. I wonder what those small barn style windows are for. They seem too high for a horse head (and they’d probably be facing in), but they could have been used for ventilation. The victims are handing out coin purses -no wallets back then!

So, is this a prank robbery by some friends wanting to do something fun instead of a boring group picture? Maybe. Or this could be a reenactment of a robbery which actually happened.

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