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Oh! What must it be to be there

1905 Bamforth & Co postcard. Private Collection.

1905 Bamforth & Co postcard. Private Collection.

Look out for the jealous peeping Tom in the tree! This postcard is so funny to me, yet kind of creepy at the same time!

Photographer: Robert McCrum for Bamforth N.Y.C. Life Model Series.

‘Mary’ is so wrong!

Mary. Postcard. Private Collection.

1905 Mary with the umbrella. Postcard. Private Collection.

First of all, this isn’t Mary, more like Marc in a skirt and wig. This postcard got me in stitches. Wrong Mary is, on so many levels! The picture is only half of it, the text is priceless. The umbrella looks quite threatening too.

Photographer: Robert McCrum. 1905.

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