GQ 1890

Oh la la

Mr. Smoldering Look

Not of my collection but definitely worth a look.

The pose is such that it looks modern. At first I thought a contemporary tintype photographer took it, but the cane and stool are period accurate -I know, still not enough, but the shoes are too and look well-worn. And the sitter looks a bit on the short side.

Then the photo itself is black and white. Why change the tint of a tintype for a reproduction? Again, it could have been the owner’s preference. Strike that, I’ve come across black and white ones.
Still, I’m pretty sure this was taken from an original since the reprint was only a 5×7, and you can blow up tintypes only so far before they lose quality.

A copy of this image was first found for sale on Etsy (it no longer is). The story is the original owner did a few prints of their tintype. Then it popped up on Pinterest.

Verdict:  Doesn’t matter where this one came from. The pose is great, so is the sitter.

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