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Hand tinted portrait of 1930s era boy

Portrait of boy with the tinted cheeks. Private Collection.

4″ x 6″ 1930s portrait of boy with the tinted cheeks. Private Collection.

A beautiful large cabinet photo portrait of a bright looking boy with freckles. This picture came in a large mat protected by flaps. No photographer logo, unfortunately. I was not expecting to see hand tinted cheeks and lips on a portrait from the 30s but apparently it was still a feature photographers offered. His hair cut with the close cropped sides was very popular in his time, along with the pointy collar.


Carl E. Brown of Fitchburg, MA

Carl E. Brown. Moulton. Fitchburg. Mass. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

Carl E. Brown. Moulton. Fitchburg. Mass. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

I got this one thinking the boy had a scar on the right cheek. When I received it there was nothing…It must have been something on the seller’s scan. It’s one of those things that happen… :)

No matter, it’s still a great portrait.

I found Carl E. Brown on a 1920 census. He was born in Illinois circa 1879 and lived in Lunenburg, MA, a tiny little town right next to tiny little town Fitchburg where this picture was taken. Fitchburg and Lunenburg are about 40 miles west from Boston. He went on to marry a lady named Georgia M. from Vermont. With her he had two children, Thelma born in 1902 and Carl E. born in 1904.

This picture was taken when Carl was around twelve or thirteen in the early 1890s.

And finally, I get a cabinet card with an elaborate design on the back with lovely flower patterns and a camera vignette.

C.J. Moulton. Artistic Photography. Fitchburg, Mass.

C.J. Moulton. Artistic Photography. Fitchburg, Mass.

1940’s boy in a dirty shirt

Boy in dirty shirt. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Boy in dirty shirt. 2″ 1/2 x 3″ 1/5 snapshot. Private Collection.

A peppy boy from the 30’s or 40’s who posed in his dirty shirt, probably for a school picture. His eyes sparkle with life, and if his shirt is any indication there wasn’t a spot he didn’t crawl under or climbed above in his neighborhood. A very beautiful portrait.

The little boy in the clouds

Portrait of young boy by GILBERT. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

1890s-1900s portrait of little boy by GILBERT. Cabinet card. Private Collection.

The boy looks like he’s standing in a fog or clouds, a very beautiful Edwardian child with a high collar on and a light colored silk cravat with white fleur de lis. He’s looking off to the side, all the while appearing quite focused.

There’s some surreal quality to this cabinet card and it is aging well, as if getting patina.

Photographer: GILBERT. The back is blank. The front bottom was clipped to fit in an album. As a result the address is half missing. 228 (or 229) Fifth Ave. PTTS (or PIIS)

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The serving barkeep

Barkeep serving group. Tintype. Private Collection.

Barkeep serving group. Tintype circa 1880s-90s. Private Collection.

A tintype of a barkeep standing over a fur rug and re-enacting pouring ale to a group of gentlemen with a little boy looking on. The gent to the far right’s expression is funny. He looks disappointed as if saying “but there’s nothing in my glass…”

Studio photographs of fellows drinking together were very common. Because saloons were most always the main place for men to socialize and organize away from the house,they wished to remember their after-work get-togethers with a studio picture.

Edwardian toddler in white dress

Toddler in white dress. RPPC. Private Collection.

Toddler in white dress. RPPC. Private Collection.

This little guy came with the bridge workers. Seems like all pictures from that lot came from the same family album, so I think this boy may very well have been one of the workers’ children. And he’s too cute not to post! He was made to pose standing on a chair with his immaculate ‘dress’ and worn out shoes.

Note how modern the chair looks!

RPPC: AZO 1904-1918

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The 1870s Bostonian boy with the terrific eyes

CDV. Private collection.

1870s CDV of boy with intense stare. Private collection.

Once in a while I come across a special portrait that makes me go “wow”, then “hm…this looks like an old soul”. This picture captured the boy with the intense stare of somebody much beyond his years.


The card has round corners not shown here.

He was well dressed too, with a white ribbon tied like a bowtie. By the lapels and style of card I estimate this was taken around 1870 or in the early years of the decade at most. The front bottom was clipped to fit in an album.

Photographer: Warren’s Portraits. 465 Washington St. Boston. Massachusetts.

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