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Mr. Composite of Two

Digital portrait  by Caroline C. Ryan.

Digital portrait by Caroline C. Ryan.

A new feature of this site to go along all the pictures I collect.

The other day I found a large lot of CDVs. As I flipped through them an idea came over me. What if I made unique, composite portraits out of those people? Take their best features, tweak them and create someone completely new. It sounded like it would be a fun little project.

This gentleman is the composite of two CDVs; one of a boy and the other of an adult as seen below, along with some tweaking and photoshop painting. The idea is to make my new vintage gent look as real as possible. Scary, hm?

Sources for composite art.

Sources for composite art.

Please forgive the obnoxious watermark. I am pondering offering high resolution digital downloads of these unique portraits for personal or business use. For now I will add a new section to this website to showcase them until this comes to fruition. They may not be true gentlemen of past eras, but then…they kind of are, aren’t they? ;)

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