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‘Drink this, it’ll put hair on your chest, son.’

Father and son in top hats. Tintype. Private Collection.

Father and son in top hats with a stiff drink. Private Collection.

Teaching the boy the grown-up ways! This father is posing with his little man with the adult sized top hat on his head, and he’s acting like he’s going to share a stiff drink with him. He found it humorous to pose with his son this way, and I do too! His son is holding on to the hat and looking at the bottle with keen interest!

After the picture I see the dad giving a sip to his eager boy and laughing at his reaction, and the little one saying “Eww…how can you drink this, dad?!”.

This tintype is quite endearing, and -bonus!- it has top hats. The father has that cheeky Harrison Ford smile too, doesn’t he?

It’s easy to imagine the son holding on to this photograph throughout his life, and with a fond memory of that day.

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