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The Peach Romance

1920s French romantic postcard. Private Collection.

1920s French romantic postcard. P.C Paris #1721. Private Collection.

She’s holding a rose and he’s posing in evening wear. I love the softness of these tinted cards, they carry a sense of nostalgic romanticism that is not seen today. Dainty and sweet. And I love her watch.

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The Blue Kiss

Blue tinted RPPC. Private Collection.

Cyanotype. A. Noyer romantic postcard. Private Collection.

Sometimes less is more, and in the case of this postcard it is exceedingly true. I find this image incredibly sexy. The way she looks into the distance with her arm resting under the head. And his light kiss on the curve of her jaw.

I find it interesting the picture was shot vertically with the man on top, yet the postcard company decided to publish it horizontally. Well, I choose to post this picture the way it was shot. If Americans could do really sweet and funny postcards, this one proves the French did the sexy with flair. A hundred years later this image still feels timelessly gorgeous and sensual.

Photographer: Alfred Noyer. France.

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