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Mr. Handsome with the twinkly eyes


1910’s young man. Private Collection.

This handsome young gentleman (only identified as C.H.P.) has a twinkle in his eyes as if none of life’s negativity had yet to darken his soul, but this photo most likely dates to around the Great War. His hair is swept up too; it remains conservative but just a bit different, as any youth would attempt to be.

His breast pocket with the buttons is an interesting detail. With his ample cut suit and collared shirt I’d date this excellent portrait to be from the mid to late 1910’s.

A fine Edwardian portrait

RPPC. Private Collection.

RPPC. Private Collection.

I found this handsome teen while going through a pile of pictures and I can’t believe I didn’t post him sooner. So clean-cut, so proper. His folks surely gave their seal of approval. Alas, this boy with his whole future ahead of him is not identified.

That delicate flower patterned white tie he chose to wear that day is lovely.

RPPC: VELOX diamonds.1907-1914.

1915 photo strip of smiling young man

Super early, super tiny photobooth. Private Collection.

Super tiny photo booth style strip. Dated 1915. Private Collection.

A cute early example of a photobooth style photo strip. Look at this one with the wide engaging smile. And he looks younger with his hat on!

Apart from the subject, what makes this photo strip interesting is that it is dated 1915 on the back in pencil. This means this strip was taken a good eleven years before inventor Anatol Josephewitz (later Josepho) patented his machine and opened the infamous New York based automated Photomaton Studio dubbed “Broadway’s greatest quarter-snatcher”. As many as 7,000 New Yorkers a day stood in line to experience his machine, and by the end of the first year Mr. Josepho had made a swell million dollars (in yesterday’s money!) contracting his machine for expansion Ok, I’m getting sidetracked here..!

I’d like to find out why strips like this one existed before the era of the Photomaton, but info on photo strips taken prior to Josepho’s invention isn’t readily available online. This particular example is very tiny. Each photo is about 1 inch by 1 inch. I think these were proofs for larger versions to be ordered, but the portrait poses look informal, like taken at a photobooth…


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