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Finding Leonard Spiller again (with his family)

1903 Cabinet Card. Private Collection.

Leonard Spiller (1890-1952) Cabinet card. Private Collection.

When I first saw this photograph I thought the boy looked familiar…then I see he’s IDed. Success! What a lovely photograph too, very clean which is always a plus. This cabinet card was taken on June 11,1903 when Leonard Spiller was 13.

And this is the second photograph I have of him, the first a CDV taken in 1910 when he was a student at Cambridge. I learned some more about his family too. Leonard was the son of John Spiller, a consulting analyst chemist and once the President of the Royal Photographic Society (1874-1875) in London.

Leonard came into this world late in the life of his father John (1833-1921) who married Emma (born Davenport), his second wife. Leonard had much older half siblings from his father’s first marriage to Caroline Ada Pritchard: Ethel Mary (1857-?), Arnold John and Claude Pritchard (1870-1938).


I found some photos of his family from the same seller. A photo gallery of Leonard and family members after the cut.

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Leonard Spiller

Personal Collection

Private Collection

The cabinet card measures 2.5' x 4'

The CDV measures 2.5″ x 4″

Leonard Spiller (1890-1952) was a student at Cambridge University when this photo was taken. In 1909 he founded the Brotherhood of Scouts at the university. Later in life he became a vicar and a reverend, and authored a religious book. He suddenly passed in November 1952. A more in-depth post update on him here.

Photographer: Stearn & Sons. 72, Bridge Street, Cambridge. U.K.

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