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Mr. Prom King

Zamsky Studio. Philadelphia. Studio portrait. Private Collection.

Zamsky Studio. Philadelphia. Studio portrait. Private Collection.

Well, apart from saying just how obviously photogenic this sitter is…This portrait is a 5″x7″ in a 7″x10″ matte with flaps…but the mailman violently (yes, I’ll say violently) shoved it into my mailbox and bent it at a 90 degree angle. The seller never put a “Do Not Bend” warning on the envelope. I was, to put it mildly, fuming! But after some reshaping the crease isn’t so apparent and a little photoshop helped too. But…I’m still reeling. Vintage pictures that managed to survive decades if not more, suddenly damaged in shipping?  I can’t even…

But, I’ll calm down.

I wish this sitter was IDed. Pretty, wasn’t he? And as such he earned a spot in this collection. The 50s was such a wonderful yet deeply flawed decade, but its fashion aesthetics are still timelessly elegant.  I need to live in a parallel universe with today’s technology, civil rights and back then’s style. :)

Photographer: Zamsky. Philadelphia.

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