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Victorian young man of St. Johnsbury, VT

Ivorygraph. St. Johnsbury. Vermont. Boston. Young man. Cabinet Card. Private Collection.

Ivorygraph. St. Johnsbury. Vermont. Boston. Young man. Cabinet Card. Private Collection.

A near pristine high contrast three-quarter portrait from circa 1880-90. I’m very pleased how well this cabinet card was preserved. Except for a couple of tiny scratches, it was carefully stored and looks amazing for its age. The cardstock is unblemished and still its original color: a lovely, clean shade of cream.

The back of the card is blank, and unfortunately this fresh faced budding gentleman with the Windsor tie wasn’t IDed.

Photographer: Ivorygraph. Hastings. 26 Eastern Avenue. St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Branch of 146 Tremont Street, Boston.

Four 1880s Brattleboro cadets 

1880s cadet buddies. Caleb L. and John C. Howe. Brattleboro. Cabinet Card. Private Collection.

These four teens from Brattleboro, Vermont were most likely cadets, maybe in a marching band?

Photographer Caleb Howe chose to take this picture horizontally, preferring to catch the boys in close-up. One of them is smiling and the others seem comfortable in front of the camera.

The card has yellowed with the passing of time.

Back of card.

Caleb Howe & Son. Back of card.

Photographer: Caleb Lysander Howe & Son (John C. Howe). Brattleboro. Vermont.

Caleb Lysander Howe (1811-1895) was a highly respected photographer in his home state of Vermont. He began his craft on the road in the late 1840s. During the Civil War he photographed a great number of soldiers who queued at his studio door for a chance to get their portrait taken. He also photographed Union General John W. Phelps on a card with the similar backing.

Howe’s son joined him in the business in the early 1880s. Since his initials appear on that cabinet card as well as the one I have I believe these were made a couple of decades after the war, by the end of the general’s life who passed in 1885.

Caleb Howe was also a singer and musician. There is a page dedicated to his life that is worth a look. There you can see the John W Phelps card.

Arnold the human doll

1940s Cabinet photo.

 Cabinet photo.

Is there such a thing as being so handsome you’re almost too pretty? I think Arnold, the 1930s university student from Brattleboro, Vermont managed just that.

Photographer: Lewis R. Brown.

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