And then I happened upon this goofball…

"Like this...yeeeah!" Private Collection.

“Like this…yeeeah!” Private Collection.

Look at this one kicking back with his hands behind the head all smile! The choice of matte’s the best. I imagine the conversation prior to the shot had to go something like this:

Photographer: I know this will be *difficult* for you right now, but please put your hands on your knees and hold still.

Mr. Goofball: *Takes a last gulp of beer and puts the empty bottle down to the ground while wagging a finger* Naaaw. I want, I want to take it like dis! *stretches arms behind neck and flashes smile*

Isn’t this picture endearing or what? He seems good-natured, the kind you know has a sense of humor! The photo is so tiny too, which makes it even cuter! It isn’t bigger than 1″ x 2″ and with the frame 2″ x 3″.

With the crease in the pants, the wide lapels and the baggy suit, this tomfoolery of a photo was most likely taken around 1910-15.

Photographer: Unknown.

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