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A working class young couple from the 1870s-1880s

1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

Working class couple. 1/6th plate tintype. Private Collection.

He has long, slender and tanned hands, and these look like working ones too, almost as if they should belong to someone older than him. This could be my imagination but the top of his head looks lighter, as if he worked outdoors a lot but wore a large brim hat. The young woman by his side I can only assume is his wife is resting her hand on his arm, and her white (cotton?) top is interesting; simple but nice, wrapping down over her skirt. It was accessorised with a pearl necklace, leaf brooch and belt. All this makes me think this was taken in the summertime.

He’s wearing a type of necktie/scarf popular of the 1870s-80s.

A Beautiful Ride


Couple riding bike. Noyer #2506. Cyanotype Postcard. Private Collection.

A drop dead gorgeous couple on a bike. I like how she has her arms encircling his neck. It made for an intimate and sweet pose.

I hope to find more pictures with these two together. So far no luck.

Edwardian couple by a seaside backdrop

Tintype couple. Private Collection.

Tintype couple. Private Collection.

A quaint tintype of a couple posing in front of a seaside backdrop with the lighthouse behind the gent’s head. Her waist is extremely tiny, accentuated by the balloon sleeves of her blouse. Her small square hat is pinned high on her head. I’ve noticed ladies often posed with a handkerchief in hand.

He rolled a scarf around the neck, and he’s wearing a wide belt with a fob chain hanging low on the trousers. And that straw boater tilted far back is always good to see.

Soldier and Sweetheart

Soldier and Sweetheart. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Soldier and Sweetheart. Snapshot. Private Collection.

Leaning into his beautiful girlfriend this soldier had a reason to smile. They match, don’t they? Her glossy brunette hair matches his, and below that tightly pleated and floor length skirt her shoes match his boots too. She’s also seated with crossed legs like him.

My guess is this was an American couple from the 1920’s.

The Orange Kiss

Douno postcard. Private Collection.

Douno postcard. Private Collection.

A postcard published by Douno ‘Edition Photochrom’. To me the color makes it look like they were kissing on a warm and sunny early evening, right before dusk. A beautiful postcard added to the other tinted ones of the same genre I fell in love with.

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