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Outdoors Jaunty cap wearing boy

Outdoors. 2.5

Outdoors. 2.5″ x 3.5″ Private Collection.

An outdoor shot. He’s well dressed and seems to be hanging out at a park on a sunny day.

I estimate this one to be from the 20s or early 30s.

Photographer: unknown candid.

Andrew J. Kania

Andrew J. Kania. Personal Collection.

Andrew J. Kania. Circa 1930. Private Collection.


Center Street, Southington, was the site of Ideal Forging, his place of work.

The photograph that started it all. The first of my collection and a real photograph postcard, a common format to share with friends and acquaintances at the time. I did some research on Andrew Kania, thanks to a census and his military records. If you wish to know more about him, here is the info I left at Find A Grave.

Photographer: Congress Studio. 17 Congress Ave. New Haven, CT.

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